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/SCWM/WB_WT - Create Snapshot for Warehouse Task

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You can use this report to schedule snapshot creation for warehouse tasks for a non-daily basis. For example, you can schedule the snapshot to be created weekly for all the warehouse tasks that have been confirmed in the last week.



If you have also used the Create Snapshots report (/SCWM/WB_SNAPSHOT) to schedule a warehouse task snapshot creation, the system could override the warehouse task snapshot you have created with this report. To avoid this override, you can disable the create snapshot report from creating a warehouse task snapshot on the SAP Menuunder Extended Warehouse Management ->Settings->Billing->Settings for Snapshots.

You can view detailed execution result in the application log in transaction SLG1. To do this, you can search the external id with the syntax _SNAPSHOT. For example, W001_SNAPSHOT.



Standard Variants



You can specify the following attributes

  • Warehouse number
  • Party entitled to dispose
  • Confirmed date periods.
For example, you can specify that the period is from the last 100 days to the last 10 days, or you can specify the from and to dates.

You can also specify specific parameters to create the snapshot for warehouse tasks.

If you have selected the Simulation checkbox, the system executes the snapshot creation in simulation mode. The system displays the results without creating an actual snapshot.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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