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/SDF/FIORI_ANALYSIS - Analysis of FIORI Services

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The report collects data concerning UI5 (Fiori) applications, verifies if the most relevant application files are available, checks if the application related services are active, and displays the information. For that the report collects the UI5 applications from the BSP repository. The relevant data are retrieved from the application files. The files which are scanned for these data are Configuration.js, Component.js, index.html, manifest.json and Application.js.

BSP apps, their names and attributes (like creation and change information) are read from tables O2APPLT and O2PAGDIR. Only UI5 applications are displayed. A BSP app is considered as an UI5 app if:

  • the app includes the Component.js file
  • the file index.html contains ‘sap-ui-core.js’.

Description of Fields

  • App Validation: yellow if Component.js and Metadata are both green; green if also ODATA service is active
  • Application Name: Technical name of the UI5 application. You can use that name to open the (BSP) application in SE80
  • PACKAGE / IN_TRANSPORT: Indication whether the app is a local object or correctly assigned to a package and transported. Read from tables TADIR and E071.
  • Software Component / Release: Software component and release of the app read from TADIR.
  • ICF Service Active / ODATA Service Active: Traffic light indicators whether the ICF service of the UI5 application is active or not. For the ODATA service, a red light is only displayed in case the service can be found in table /IWFND/I_MED_SRH.
  • ID / Name space: The namespace can be found in the Component.js file
  • Current Version: App version in the Component.js file
  • Index.html: the app includes an (existing) file Index.html
  • Component.js: the app includes a file Component.js
  • Component-preload.js: the app includes a file Component-preload.js
  • Metadata: data regarding the OData metadata in the Component.js file exist. METADATA AS FILE indicates data are found in a file manifest.json. The metadata traffic light summarizes both:
  • green if METADATA and METADATA AS FILE are both true.

  • yellow if only the flag METADATA is true.

  • red if both flags are false.

  • OData URL: Displays the OData Service path as in SICF. Collected from the content of the application files like Configuration.js, Applications.js, Component.js, index.html and manifest.json.
  • System Alias(es): System alias which is a name for an RFC connection.
  • Code: Shows the HTTP response code of the OData call if tested. Min. UI5 version: Displays the minimum SAPUI5 version specified in the manifest.json file
  • Dependencies: the SAPUI5 sub libraries used by the application. This infcan be found in the files index.html, Component.js, or manifest.json
  • # .js Files: JS files in the application which are not one of the following: Component-preload.js, Configuration.js, Component.js or Application.js
  • # .xml Files: XML files in the application
  • # .css Files: CSS files in the application
  • Vendor: “Customer” or “SAP”




The language in which the short text describing the apps is read, is determined according to the following priority:

  • - the language specified on the entry screen
  • - english
  • - any language in which the text exits

Standard Variants



  • Related information is found in metering tables /IWFND/L_MET_DAT and /IWFND/L_MET_COL.
  • Utilization data is found in the workload monitor transaction ST03.
  • With the application name more details can be seen in transaction SE80 (choose BSP Application).
  • Transaction /IWFND/GW_CLIENT is suitable to get details related to the response code.
  • Transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE allows to check the activation of ODATA services.
  • Transaction SICF shows service details.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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