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/SDF/OBJ_OVERLAP - Object Overlap Between Two Transport Sets

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This report identifies the object overlap between two sets of transport requests in different systems.


RFC connections to both systems must be provided. If you run the report in the SAP Solution Manager, you can use the standard READ RFC connections to the managed systems. You can use NONE if you want to compare transport requests in the local system.


There are different use cases for this report:

1) You work with two development systems and want to know if all changes in maintenance development system have been repeated in the project development system.

2) You work with two development systems and want to import transports from the project development system into the maintenance track. Before that you want to know if there are open transports or transports in transition in the maintenance track, which have an object overlap with the transports from the project development system.

3) You are running two projects with different go live dates in the same development system. You want to know if there is an overlap between the transports for project 1 and project 2.

As a prerequisite you must identify the transport requests to be compared. You can find them either in table E070 or in the TMS export or import history.


The first result table shows the overlap for workbench objects. The last column indicates weather the object versions are identical in system 1 and system 2. It is only filled if you have flagged the check box "Object version comparison". When you press the back button a second table appears which shows the overlap for customizing objects.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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