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/SEHS/DGPSHDG - Dangerous Goods Master: Display with Descriptions

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You use this report to display the most important dangerous goods master data from the dangerous goods master data table DGTMD. You can display the packaging data using the report "DGPSHPK".


The dangerous goods master data must have been maintained.


The data is displayed and classified in terms of:

  • Material

  • Mode of transport category

  • Validity area

All change statuses that are identified by validity are or change number can be read at item level.

You can structure the list in the following ways using the standard list tool functions:

  • You can sort the list according to primary key fields or within the items (change statuses).
  • You can show or hide columns.
  • You can change the width of the columns.
  • You can fix report margins.
  • You can filter the display data.
  • You can display lines in detail.
  • You can save and load configurations.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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