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/SEPC/R_XFER_ORD_PRIM - Transfer PM Orders

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With this report you can transfer data between the SAP ERP system and Enterprise Project Management (EPM).





Standard Variants



  1. Select the order status.
  2. Enter the selection criteria for the orders.
  3. Choose the transfer mode:
  • If you choose Interactive Selectionthe system returns a list of orders based on your selection criteria allowing you to select which orders to transfer.

  • If you choose Automatic Transferthe system evaluates your selection criteria and transfers all resulting orders.

  1. Choose the transfer type:
  • 'Transfer from SAP ERP'

During the 'From SAP ERP' transfer, SAP Enterprise Project Connection writes data from the SAP ERP fields to the Enterprise Project Management fields. SAP Enterprise Project Connection applies business rules to determine if the data in the mappings needs to be created or updated.
  • 'Transfer to SAP ERP'

SAP Enterprise Project Connection retrieves the projects and activities that correspond to the parameters selected in the order status and order selection. It maps the Enterprise Project Management fields to the SAP ERP fields.

The system writes a record of all data that transferred from SAP ERP to Enterprise Project Management system or vice versa. Call report SEPC/R_XFER_RESULTS to see the result.

For further information see SAP Enterprise Project Connection Application Help.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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