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You can use this report to synchronize employee data stored in HCM master data persistence (infotypes) with the Business Partner (BP). You can use the various options on the selection screen to filter the employees for whom you want to run the BP synchronization.

The report locks the employee for a short duration during which BP synchronization is executed. If possible block all users or restrict users from using the transactions like PA30 or PA40 when the report is being executed using the selection screen.

You can use the transaction /SHCM/BUPA_SYNC_S to execute this report.


You can use this report only if the initial synchronization of BP has to be executed in parallel jobs due to large volume of employees or during testing cycles. In all other cases use the standard daily scheduled job ( /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_FROM_EMPL




Do not execute the report /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_FROM_EMPL in parallel as it also locks employees. If the employees are locked, they are not considered for synchronization by /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_EMPL_SINGLE.

For more information on parallelization of BUPA Synchronization report, refer to /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_FROM_EMPL.


You can select the employees for BP synchronization based on the inputs you provide in the selection screen.


  • Period:
You can select all the employees who are active during the selected time.
  • Selection:
You can provide the selection options based on which you want to select the employees. You can customize the selection options using Further Selections.
  • Personnel Numbers per batch: Enter the Personnel Numbers per batch.
  • Inbound Destination: Enter the Inbound Destination. Refer to Step 1 in the Parallelize BUPA Sync Report section.

Standard Variants

  • SAP_INACTIVE: Variant for suppress inactive employments as of today


An error log is written (transaction: SLG1, Object: SHCM_EE_INTEGRATION, Sub-object: BUPA_SYNC).

The error log informs you whether the synchronization was successful and lists all errors that may occur when the synchronization is partly successful. Partly successful means that some parts may have failed, such as user assignment, payment, address, or workplace address.


  1. For customizing, refer to the customizing node under Personnel Management -> SAP S/4HANA for Human Resources -> Synchronization of Business Partner for SAP HCM Employee Role.
  2. Disable the daily sync report /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_FROM_EMPL in job repository SJOBREPO transaction. User authorization for job repository is required.
  3. Set the date in the table /SHCM/D_SYNC_RUN to a high date (for example, DATUM = 31.12.3000) so that employees are not processed again in case of unintended execution of the report /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_FROM_EMPL. This date is used to determine those employees who are processed in daily synchronization mode. If a record does not exist in table /SHCM/D_SYNC_RUN then create an entry and set date to a high date using Utilities ->Table Contents -> Create Entries. For Example:

  • MANDT: Client ID of Current User. For Example: sy-mandt

  • DATUM: 31.12.3000

You must have appropriate user authorization to update the table.
  1. After all employees are processed then reset the time stamp in the table /SHCM/D_SYNC_RUN to a current system date after which, online processing is triggered for daily synchronization.
  2. Enable the daily sync report /SHCM/RH_SYNC_BUPA_FROM_EMPL in job repository SJOBREPO transaction.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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