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/SHCM/S4_MIG_EMPL_BUPA - Migration of Business Partner and Vendor data related to Employee

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You can use this report for the migration of Business Partner and vendor data related to employees.


Employee Business Partner Integration in S/4 HANA: Creates a Business Partner and a vendor for each employee and the data is kept synchronized.


  • Master Data: Customer Vendor Integration must be in place.
  • This report changes the data in the below mentioned tables. Therefore, make sure that backup data is available.


There are two migration cases:

  • Find Vendor with LFB1-PERNR that has a related Business Partner in the link table and this Business Partner is not the same Business Partner that is related to the Person (CP ID, Object type: Central Person) of this PERNR
In this case:
  • Delete the relation between vendor and Business Partner (Table CVI_VEND_LINK)

  • Set Business Partner that is related via link table to logically deleted(Table BUT000-XDELE = 'X'is updated)

  • Create new relation between PERNR→CP→BUPA and vendor ID (Table CVI_VEND_LINK)

  • Find Vendor from CVI_VEND_LINKassigned to a Business Partner related to a Person (CP ID, Object type: Central Person) with vendor having empty PERNR attribute
In this case:
  • Delete relation between Vendor and this Business Partner (Table CVI_VEND_LINK)

  • Set Vendor to logically deleted(Table LFA1-LOEVM = 'X'is updated)

When Migration (DB Update) is selected, the following tables are updated in the database:

  • BUT000 - Business Partner General Data
  • LFA1 - Vendor Master
  • CVI_VEND_LINK - Assignment between Vendor and Business Partner


  • By default Simulation (No DB Update) is selected. This mode will not update the changes on database. Only SLG1 log is generated.

  • Select Migration (DB Update) for making database changes after verifying in the simulation run.

Standard Variants


A standard SLG1 log is generated.


  1. After simulation run, check the SLG1 log for any errors with Object: SHCM_EE_INTEGRATION and Sub-object: MIGRATION.
  2. Check if the mentioned Business Partners and Vendors can be logically deleted and not used in any active processes.
  3. If simulation is OK, then perform an update run.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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