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/SMB/TRANSPORT_CONTENT - Transport Reference Business Content

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The transaction Transport Reference Business Content (/N/SMB/TRANS_CONT) supports the package build process. It allows users to assign package build content to transport requests, so that the content can be transported into other systems.


This function is designed for package content used in the context of cloud solutions (Model S).


You are a member of the package build team.



Standard Variants



  1. In the field File Path enter the path to a content artefact of the following type:
  • Solution file

  • Installation data file

  • Change package

  1. To check the entry and to proceed, confirm with Enteror choose the Check button.
Note: If the file path is correct, the system automatically detects and fills in the Solution Builder Content ID and the Solution Builder Content Type as well as the respective attributes.
  1. Choose the Execute symbol or press the F8key.
  2. Enter the transport request the content artefact shall be assigned to and confirm to proceed.
Note: The system uploads the content artefact (file) into the Reference Content table and assigns it to the transport request.
In the Solution Builder, these reference content files (Solution files or Installation data files) can be accessed via the Import menu.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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