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/SPE/INB_ID_PURGE - Inbound Delivery Purge Report

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The report /SPE/INB_ID_PURGE is used to purge inbound deliveries. Purging aims to close old inbound deliveries for which no more goods receipts are expected.

The report should be run periodically in batch.



In Customizing for Logistic Execution under Service Parts Management (SPM) -> Inbound Process (SPM) ->Purge Offset in Days for Receiving Location, the purge offset in days has to be have been entered for the purge (logistics execution) scenario and warehouse number.



You can use the following criteria to select the deliveries to be purged:

  • Purge Scenario (Logistics Execution Scenario)
  • Warehouse Number
  • Delivery

If required, the purge report can be run in test mode by using the indicator Testrun (no Update).

Standard Variants


The report selects the inbound deliveries for each combination of purge (logistics execution) scenario and warehouse for which the purge offset days have been entered in Customizing. The inbound deliveries that are on hold and those expecting acknowledgement from Extended Warehouse Management are excluded from the selection. For deliveries whose delivery date is due before (today - purge offset), the system sends a purge request to EWM and by doing this a new temporary inbound delivery is created. The results are shown in a protocol.

If EWM sends an acknowledgement for a purge request, the goods receipt process is closed for this delivery. This involves adjusting the delivery quantity to the goods receipt quantity for all the items in this delivery. The goods movement status of the inbound delivery on header level and for each item is set to C - Completely Processed.

In case of stock transfer orders, stock is left in transit. The output lists all inbound deliveries for stock transfer orders. A total quantity per material, plant, valuation type, batch number, and storage location is provided. Each total has to be cleared manually.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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