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/SPE/INB_RM06EANL - Generation of Inbound Deliveries

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This report offers you the option of creating inbound deliveries based on the open, scheduled delivery items of the purchase orders (PO) or the scheduling agreements (SA).





The user can enter the following criteria to determine which items should be processed:

  • Vendor: vendor on PO / SA header level
  • Plant: plant on PO/SA item level
  • Storage location: storage location on PO item level
  • Warehouse number: warehouse number on PO/ SA item level
  • Document number: PO/ SA number
  • Item number: PO item / SA item
  • Delivery date: delivery date

Test run: the user can run the transaction in test mode by setting the 'Test Run' indicator. If the user sets this indicator, the creation of the inbound delivery and dispatching are simulated without actually saving and dispatching the inbound delivery.

Standard Variants


The report searches the delivery schedules of purchase order items or schedule lines of scheduling agreements for which the confirmation control keys with automatic inbound delivery creation indicator is set.

If the delivery date of the delivery schedules of the purchase order items or the schedule lines of the scheduling agreements are older than or equal to the delivery date entered by the user, a new inbound delivery is created for each purchase order and scheduling agreement.

The inbound delivery is validated by a validation framework. If the creation of the inbound delivery is successful, the inbound delivery is dispatched to external systems according to the Customizing settings that have been made for dispatching and filtering.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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