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/SPE/OBDLV_LOGFILE_ANALYSE - Interface Communication from CRM --> ERP using the SHELL module

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This report enables you to carry out troubleshooting activities. With it, you can monitor inbound and outbound communication between the ERP system and SAP CRM in the system configuration for service parts management.



You only record logfiles if the SET/GET parameter (Tx SU01) /SPE/IF_OUTB_LOGFILE is set to XA, XB, or XAB (see below) for the ERP system users involved in communication between the ERP system and SAP CRM (and for anonymous users such as ALEREMOTE).

Note:To prevent any loss in system performance, switch off the monitoring using parameter /SPE/IF_OUTB_LOGFILE after you have finished troubleshooting.



Application number:

  • XA= All incoming communication from SAP CRM that triggered the module /SPE/DELIVERYPROCESSING_SHELL in the ERP system

  • XB= All outgoing communication from the ERP system to SAP CRM regarding outbound deliveries (via /SPE/CRS_SEND_DELIVERY_DATA and /SPE/CRM_SEND_RESPONSE_DLV)

Predecessor doc number:,,Relevant SAP CRM order number

Date:,,,,,,,,,,Date when the communication took place

Transaction:,,,,,,Relevant transaction (for example, VL10)

Delete selected entries:,,,,Log entries for aforementioned selection will be deleted (irretrievably) from database.
,,,,,,,,,,If you enter '**' instead of XA or XB, the system will delete entries for both XA and XB.

Standard Variants


The list of XA entries contains the SAP CRM order number in the second column.

The list of XB entries contains the group number of the collective run instead, since multiple SAP CRM orders may be involved.

By double-clicking on a list entry, you can drill down to the data containers, which are the interface parameters of the function module /SPE/DELIVERYPROCESSING_SHELL in the ERP system in the case of XA, and the XLIKP or XLIPS internal tables, for example, in the case of XB.

Note:Bear in mind that the deliveries (VBELN) mentioned in the XB logs have been deleted already due to the transformation of unchecked deliveries to checked deliveries



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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