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/SPE/RESEND_TEMPDLV - Resend Temporary Deliveries to WME

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If the inbound deliveries are to be processed by EWM, a new inbound delivery is created when any changes or deletions are made with respect to the inbound deliveries. The new inbound delivery is called a temporary inbound delivery (temp ID) and a request for acknowledgement of these changes is sent to EWM. When EWM sends back a positive or negative acknowledgement to ERP of the changes to, or deletion of, the inbound delivery, the tempID is deleted and the original inbound delivery is updated based on the change request, or it is deleted.

For various reasons, EWM may not respond to the requests for processing inbound deliveries sent by the ERP system. This report is used to resend the temporary deliveries to the EWM system.



You have made Customizing settings to define which temporary deliveries are affected - see example.



You can select the deliveries to be resent based on the following selection criteria:

  • Delivery
  • Created on (date)

Standard Variants




If you make the appropriate Customizing settings to define the date interval as two months, this report resends all the temporary inbound deliveries that have a creation date more than two months earlier to the current date.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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