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/SRMSMC/GET_ERP_SUPPLIER - Upload Suppliers from an SAP ERP System

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You use this report to perform an initial upload of supplier master data from your SAP ERP systems when you first set up the SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management system. You can upload vendors and creditors from the vendor master in SAP ERP, which are subsequently created as business partners with the supplier role in the SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management system.

Once you have performed an initial upload, we recommend that you maintain new supplier master data in the SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management system only and distribute this data to the relevant back-end systems.


Transfer Suppliers to an SAP ERP System


  • The SLCWDBPM ICF authorization is required.



  • Logical System
    Select the logical system from which you want to upload the supplier master data.
  • Vendor Number
    You can enter the vendor numbers, either as individual entries or as a range.
  • Account Group, Purchasing Organization, Company Code, Partner Function, and Country
    You can specify any other parameters to select specifically according to your requirements. You can, for example, select by country, purchasing organization, account group, partner function, and company code. The vendors selected are those that have entries in both tables Vendor Master General Section (LFA1) and Vendor Master Purchasing Organization Data (LFM1).
  • Include Creditors
    You can include creditors. Creditors are contained in the LFA1 table but not the LFM1 table and are therefore not automatically included unless this is explicitly stated. Since creditors do not have purchasing data, you cannot use purchasing organizations as a selection parameter if you have included creditors.
  • Without Change Documents
    You can influence whether change documents are created for the uploaded suppliers. By default, this checkbox is selected to prevent the system from generating change documents.
  • Show Transfer List
    You can check the list of selected vendors/suppliers before starting the upload. By default, this checkbox is selected.

Standard Variants


In the application log, you can view the upload results, that is, the upload status and the messages that were triggered during the upload. The messages can be success, warning, or error messages. Run transaction Analyse Application Log (SLG1), and enter the object /SRMSMC/SUP_RETRIEVE, the subobject /SRMSMC/SUP_GET_ERP, and other data as required.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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