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/SRMSMC/R_SQR_TRANSFER_CRT - Transfer Certificates from Qualification Responses to Supplier Data

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You can use this report to transfer certificates from qualification responses to the supplier data. This is necessary for certificates that have no certificate type, which happens when a supplier uploads a certificate for a question to which no certificate type is assigned. Certificates without a certificate type are not linked to supplier data and cannot be accessed by suppliers on the Supplier Data Maintenance screen. On the sell side, these certificates can only be accessed from the qualification response to which they were attached.

Note the following:

  • If a certificate type is already assigned to a certificate question when the response is received on the buy side, the certificate is transferred automatically.
  • If the purchaser assigns a certificate type later on, you have to execute this report to transfer the certificate.
  • The transfer of certificates from qualification responses to supplier data is only performed once. If a purchaser changes the certificate type of a certificate question after the transfer has taken place, this change of assignment is not reflected in the supplier data and it is not taken into account by this report.



  • You have enabled certificate types in Customizing for SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management under Buy Side -→ Supplier Portfolio Management -→ Supplier Certificates -→ Enable Certificate Types.
  • You have been assigned the technical role Technical Role with Authorization to Start Reports in SAP SLC (/SRMSMC/REPORT_EXEC_ADMIN) and you are authorized to process the objects and data handled by the reports



This report checks whether all certificates that were uploaded to qualification responses are linked to a certificate type. If this is not the case, the report assigns the certificates to the relevant certificate type and transfers the certificate to the supplier data. These changes are also replicated to the sell side.

Standard Variants

You can run this report in test mode to evaluate which certificates will be assigned to certificate types.


The assignments made by this report are displayed in the following places:

  • In the results list of the report
  • In the application log (transaction SLG1)


Depending on the number of certificates in your SAP SLC system, running this report may be time-consuming. If you have a large number of certificates, we recommend that you schedule the report to be executed at a time of low system load.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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