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/STTPEC/CUSGEN - SAP ATTP General Customizing

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This reports provides access to customizing and operational settings.


Parameters that are marked as customizing only can only be maintained as customizing and typically require transport from the development or customizing system.

Parameters that are marked as operational only can only be maintained as operational and typically are maintained within the respective system directly. You may certainly transport them manually.

Parameters that are marked as both (customizing and operational) can be maintained as customizing and transported and additionally as operational within the respective system. In case both are maintained the operational setting overrides the customizing setting for the same parameter and option.


Customizing as well as operational settings have different authorizations that will be checked.

In case you intend to modify customizing settings you will additionally require the system client to be changeable.



You may choose to access customizing settings or operational settings.

You may choose to access all parameters for an application or choose a specific component of an application.

You may choose to display the maintained entries, maintain entries (change) or transport maintained entries. The activity can be also switched within the maintenance view given that your user has sufficient authorization.

Standard Variants


A maintenance view will be loaded with the chosen work area filters and activity mode.


Maintain general settings that you intend to transport as a general setting from the development system as customizing.

Maintain operational settings applicable to the respective system as such within each system.


You have maintained a default parameter value for a specific application component as 'X' and transported it to the productive environment.

In case of a temporary or other operational requirement to change the related system behavior you may set the parameter value to the value 'Y' within the productive environment directly.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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