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/STTPEC/TRD_ITEM_SER_ATTR - Trade Item Serialization Attributes

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You use this report to display and maintain trade item serialization attributes. Furthermore, you can trigger integration to SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals for selected trade items.



If SAP Enterprise Content Management is used in the standard transactions MM01, MM02, MM03, the fields maintained in these transactions can be disabled for changes in this report by setting the parameter BLOCK_MAT_EDIT to the value TRUE (X), either in operational settings or in Customizing. If this parameter is not maintained, or maintained with a wrong value, it's considered to be FALSE.


Locking behavior: When you are in edit mode, the material currently selected is locked. The changes need to be saved before you select another material. So only one material is locked at a given time.

Exceptions: When you choose Integrate Trade Items, all selected materials are locked.The popup Display GTIN Usage can trigger actions that also require locking of multiple materials.

On the tab Alt UoM Countries, you can maintain additional country assignments for the trade item. In addition, you can assign country-specific national codes and national code types. The profile relevant country is also displayed here for information, but it can neither be removed nor changed. The profile-relevant country can be changed on the tab Details. The national code for the profile relevant country can be changed on the tab Alt UoM Details.

Important: The data for Alt UoM Countriesis stored in a special database table that refers to the GTIN, and not to the material. This means that the data maintained on this tab is shared across all materials that use the same GTIN. Therefore, data can be maintained only when a GTIN is assigned to the alternative UoM.


You can search for materials using different search attributes, such as material ID, GTIN, national code and certain status values.

Standard Variants


The result list displays one line per alternative UoM of a material. So you have both the material and also the alternative UoM in context. Both the tabs in the details pane as well as the actions of the result list either refer to the material as a whole (MARA) or to the alternative UoM only (MARM).

Here a mixture of standard MARA and MARM attributes is displayed, along with the relevant serialization attributes


●,,Display GTIN Usage:

When triggering this function a popup is launched that displays the usage of the GTIN. The same GTIN can be assigned to different materials as long as certain conditions apply, for example, same base UoM, same alternative UoM, same serialization attributes, and so on.
If you assign the GTIN to multiple materials then it may be necessary to synchronize the serialization attributes across all the materials that use the same GTIN to enable consistent integration with SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals. So within this popup all materials that use the same GTIN are shown, and inconsistencies are highlighted.
In case of inconsistencies, you can trigger different actions to bring the system to a consistent state. When you save changes to a material within this transaction, this consistency check is also executed. The popup is displayed if inconsistencies are detected. The inconsistencies must be resolved before saving the material.


This lets you navigates to the material. You navigate to MM02 when you are in edit mode, and to MM03 when you are in change mode.

●,,Sync EAN/GTIN:

This enables the synchronization of the GTIN with EAN/UPC or vice versa for the selected alternative UoM only.

●,,Integrate Trade Items:

This triggers the integration of the selected material to the repository system.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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