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/TDAG/CPR_BOMBOS_START - Bill of Material Transfer

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You use this report to perform an initial load of the specification database using the compositions of existing BOMs from Materials Management (MM) and Production Planning and Control (PP).


You can start the initial load report on the SAP Easy Access screen under Product and REACH Compliance -> Utilities -> Transfer Bill of Material -> Bill of Material Transfer (transaction /TDAG/CPB02).




  • You can use the following criteria to select BOMs: material, material type, plant, BOM usage, BOM application, alternative BOM and key date.
  • You can use single values and intervals to select the relevant materials.
  • To run the initial load report for a larger number of BOMs, we recommend that you run the report in a background task.

In addition to the entry fields, you can use the following optional adjustments to transfer bills of material:

  • Always Generate Subsqnt BOMs
A BOM can contain further subsequent BOMs. If you select this check box, the system transfers the subsequent bills of material that are assigned to the BOM. If you deselect this checkbox, the system only transfers the chosen BOM and does not consider the subsequent BOMs .
  • Perform Checks
Execeute the checks for a product structure after the bill of material (BOM) has been transferred into the bill of specifications (BOS). If you activate this checkbox, the system executes the default checks, all manually activated checks for a productstructure and all checks for a product structure activated by the system during the BOM-BOS transfer.
In the Specify Checks and Single Criteria Customizing activity you can define the checks that are executed by default.
In the IMG activity Manage User Exits you can define a function module, which can be used to activate necessary checks for a product that is used in Electronics, Automotive or in the Process Industry. The function module /TDAG/CP_BB20_SUBUPD_CHECKS respectively /TDAG/CP_BB20R_SUBUPD_CHECKS may be used as example exits for user exit category LB_SUBUPD.
  • Single Generation of Materials
You can execute a BOM-BOS transfer for materials that do not have a BOM. In this case the system creates a specification that does not contain a composition.
  • Test Run
You can test the BOM-BOS transfer. In this case the system does not write any data.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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