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/TDAG/CPR_IMP_FILE_FILTER - Filter and Split

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You can use this report to filter relevant material data sheet (MDS) entries from a large IMDS MDS file (for example, the file type MPALL) and to split the filtered files into smaller portions.



This filter is only available for the incoming template IMDS_MODUL.


One or multiple target files are created based on the source file (path and name of the file). The new files are used to load the required MDS entries into the system.

The source file can be described using wildcard operators (for example, dir\MP*.dat). In this case, the filter processes all files that match the file pattern.


Maintain the following information:

  • Source File: The absolute path to the source file (for example, \\application_server\...\...\...\sprc_files\IMDS_ALL\MPAll.dat)
  • Split Size: The maximum file size for target files. The default is 7 MB.
  • Target File Prefix: The target file is assembled using the target file prefix (empty by default), the file path, and the name of the source file.
  • Delete Source File After Processing If this option is selected, the source file is deleted after the filter has processed it.
  • Filter attributes: Used to filter the entries that are to be written into the target files.


One or multiple files (target files) are created. The system adds a counter to the file name (for example, target file "dir\filename.dat" => "dir\filename_0001.dat") for each new file.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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