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/TDAG/CPR_RC1PHDEL - Set Missing Deletion Indicator and Physically Delete Data

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You use this report to set deletion indicators in the current client, and to delete data and documents physically from the current client.



The report must be run in the background. You must have created a variant to start the report in the background. For more information about creating variants, see SAP Help Portal at ->Getting Started -> Reports -> Report Variants.


You can use this report to perform the following actions:

  • Set deletion indicators
The report ensures that the deletion indicator is set in data records that are dependent on data records already marked as deleted, or data records that are already physically deleted. For example, when the deletion indicator is set for the header of a specification but not for the corresponding endpoint data records, this reports sets the deletion indicator for the endpoint data record and dependent records (for example, letters of access). When you execute the report, all missing deletion indicators are set in the current client.
  • Physically delete documents
The report permanently deletes the documents with the selected document types in the current client.
  • Physically delete the data marked as deleted
The report permanently deletes data marked for deletion in the current client.
Data is deleted from the database using the SQL commands DELETE and commit.


Standard Variants


This report deletes specification data by calling the standard deletion report RC1PHDEL with the supplied parameters. Additionally, it deletes entries in dependent database tables that are not part of the standard substance data model, for example, declarable substances, endpoint data records, and project milestones.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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