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/TDAG/CPX_COMPDATA_MODEL_ADAPT - Change CfP Comp. Data Model to REACH 2.0 Comp. Data Model

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You use this report to migrate Compliance for Products (CfP) composition data to the SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 composition data model.




CfP used the ECbP composition for all data types. SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 introduces a new composition data model that uses composition groups with several compositions to store the different types of data.

This report migrates the composition data of composition ECbP into the compositions defined by the composition groups.


Each step of the program handles a package of 40 specifications.

Standard Variants


  • If an error occurs while changing or saving, all changes are rolled back.
  • If a package is migrated, the Park checkbox is selected in the specification headers to show that they were changed.
  • If the program runs until all data is migrated (completed), the Park checkbox is deselected in the specification headers.


  • Only valid entries (VALTO >= SY-DATUM) are migrated
  • Future versions are not migrated

  • Old versions are not migrated

  • Inactive usages of compositions are not migrated


You must execute this report in all clients that you want to migrate the composition data for.

We recommend that you execute the program RC1PHDEL after the migration report has finished. This is required to physically delete the data that was marked for deletion during migration.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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