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/TDAG/CPX_PROP_MAPPING_FILL - Mapping for DI Characteristics Moved into SAP Namespace in PRC 2.0

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In Product and REACH Compliance 2.0, some characteristics (classes, characteristics, and value assignment types) that were previously used for the discrete industry in REACH Compliance 1.1 and Compliance for Products 2.2 have been moved into the SAP namespace.

The standard installation expects the characteristics to be in the SAP namespace but your former data is stored in characteristics in the customer namespace. By default, access to your former data is therefore restricted.

You use this report to map the characteristics that were moved to the SAP namespace to the characteristics in your customer space. To access your former data fully, you must run this report.


You use Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 for the discrete industry and you previously used REACH Compliance 1.1 or Compliance for Products 2.2.

You have made Customizing settings according to the standard settings used in Product and REACH Compliance 2.0.


This report checks three types of property mapping entries and inserts them into the property mapping table /TDAG/CPC_PROP if they are missing:

  • Mapping of value assignment types (ESTCAT values)
  • Mapping of characteristics (ATNAM values)
  • Mapping of combinations of value assignment types/characteristics (ESTCAT/ATNAM values)


Standard Variants


If an identical target mapping already exists in the system, the system outputs an appropriate message.

If a different mapping already exists in the system, the report shows the existing mapping only and does not change it.

To revert to the standard settings used in the old release, delete the appropriate mappings as described below and run the report again to insert the standard mappings for these characteristics.


To check or change your characteristic mappings, use transaction SE16N to access database table /TDAG/CPC_PROP, or proceed as follows:

  • Start transaction /TDAG/CPSM30 (Call view maintenance)
  • Enter the following parameters:
  • PA_VNAME (Name of the view): /TDAG/CPV_PROP

  • PA_ACT (Activity): U or S (U = Update, S = Display)


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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