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/TDAG/RCSR_CREATE_MA_TBO - Test of Workflow Configuration for Material Assessment

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You use this report to perform a test run for the material assessment workflow. If the workflow configuration is correct, the report creates a technical object as basis for the workflow and steps through the material assessment.




The test run is only successful if the following configuration settings are correct:

  • Customizing for the workflow is correct.
  • Event coupling is available and active.
  • Roles exist and the assignment of users is correct.
  • Workflow template configuration is correct.


The following selection options are available:

  • Process variant
The process variant is always Standard.
  • Material
Enter the test material that you want to start the test run for. Use a material for which no workflow has been started yet. You can create materials in Create Material (transaction MM01).
  • Conduct Reassessment
If this checkbox is selected, the material assessment of the material will be restarted as long as the first assessment is already complete.
  • Just Create; Do Not Test
If this checkbox is selected, the test is not started. Only the technical object is created.

Standard Variants


The workflow configuration is correct if no errors occur during the test run.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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