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/TDAG/RCSR_REG_MIGRATION - Migration of Registration Management Data

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You can use this report to migrate registration management data from SAP REACH Compliance 1.1 to a later release of SAP Product and REACH Compliance.

This concerns the Registration value assignment type (SAP_RCS_LEGREG).

From SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0, fixed values are used for registration types and registration statuses instead of phrases.



You have moved the delivered classes and characteristics to the current client. To transfer the classes and characteristics from client 000 to the current client, use the client copy function (transaction SCC1) with component piece list /TDAG/RCS_PLCL_20_00. For more information, see the configuration guide.



Standard Variants


  • Legal registrations of type REACH registration are migrated to Registration of preregistered substance. To change the registration type to Registration of not preregistered substance, change the settings in the portal under Registration Management -> Maintain Registration Data.
  • If existing standard phrases were mapped to customer-specific phrases using the Map Phrases to Technical Phrases Customizing activity, the migration considers this mapping.
  • New customer-specific phrases cannot be migrated.
  • Value assignment type SAP_RCS_LEGREG contains the obsolete values in characteristics SAP_RCS_LEGREG_REGTYPE and SAP_RCS_LEGREG_STATUS. The new values are saved to SAP_RCS_LEGREG_REGTYPE2 and SAP_RCS_LEGREG_STATUS2 respectively.
  • The new Role Towards ECHA field is prefilled by evaluating the represented legal entity.


You must perform this migration report for each client.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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