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/TDAG/RCSX_SVT_OR - XPRA REACH 2.0: Convert Representative Assignments to SVT OR

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You use this report to convert supplier only representative (OR) assignments from the partner functions of vendor master data model in SAP REACH Compliance 1.1 to the supplier representative assignments in substance volume tracking (SVT) that are used in SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 and higher.

The report runs automatically as XPRA during an upgrade. However, you can use the interactive mode to perform the conversion independently from an upgrade, for example, if you encounter problems during the XPRA run.



  • You use SAP REACH Compliance 1.1, SP02 or higher.
  • You have installed the SVT OR functionality that offers the necessary functions to handle representative assignments in substance volume tracking.
If you run the report as XPRA during an upgrade and the required SVT OR functionality is not available in the system, the system outputs an error indicating that essential functions are missing and that the data could not be converted. You must run the report manually after you have implemented the SVT OR functionality.
If you use Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) for ERP 6.0, Enhancement Pack 4 or lower, you must apply SAP Note 1370992 to provide the SVT OR functionality.
  • The partner function data of the vendor master (database table WYT3) is directly in your EH&S system.
If you use distributed vendor master data and also distribute partner function data, you must adapt the report (form L_READ_SUPPLIER_MASTER) before running this report. Otherwise, vendor representative assignments will not be converted.
  • You have not removed the supplier partner function marked as Only Representative (indicator FLG_OR is set) in Customizing table /TDAG/CPC_ADRPVW for all clients you want to convert representative assignments for. This indicator would be removed, for example, if you fully synchronized your Customizing with the new Customizing shipped with SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 and higher.
If you have removed the OR partner function or you have deselected the FLG_OR indicator in Customizing table /TDAG/CPC_ADRPVW, you must manually edit this table using transaction SE16N to restore your SAP REACH Compliance 1.1 settings before you can use this report to automatically convert representative assignments for the respective client. The report needs this OR partner function to read representative assignments from the vendor master.


  • From SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0, you cannot maintain the Only Representative indicator in Customizing for Product and REACH Compliance (under Business Partner and Contacts -> Specify Determination for Business Partners and Contacts).
  • SAP REACH Compliance 1.1 contained partner function OR with priority 1 that took over the partner function OR by default.


The conversion process includes the following two steps:

Read, Check, and Convert Only Representative Partner Functions in Customizing

The report reads all partner functions marked as Only Representative from Customizing table /TDAG/CPC_ADRPVW.

  • If it cannot find an OR partner function for a client: The report outputs a warning. You must decide if OR assignments need to be converted for this client. For more information about converting OR assignments for this client, see the prerequisites.
  • If no OR partner function is found in the system: The report outputs an error since OR assignments cannot be converted.

The priority of all found OR partner functions is changed to the lowest priority (highest number) to deactivate the OR partner functions for the new release.

The OR partner functions found are not deleted from Customizing. This means that you can rerun the report if you encounter any problems, or if you need to use them for a customer-specific project.

If the conversion process was completed successfully, and you do not need the OR partner functions any longer, you can delete them manually. These partner functions are not needed for SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 and higher.

Read, Check and Convert Only Representative Assignments

OR assignments are read from database table WYT3 of the vendor master. The report does not check if existing OR assignments are valid (for example, if vendors exist).

  • If multiple only representatives are assigned to one vendor: The report outputs a message that indicates which only representative is taken over for the respective vendor in the SVT OR table. If the vendor itself is assigned as the only representative for a vendor, the report takes over a different only representative for that vendor when possible.
  • If a vendor itself is assigned as the only representative: The system outputs a message. This type of round assignment normally indicates an error.

Each OR assignment is taken over into the SVT OR table as a material-independent OR. SAP Product and REACH Compliance 2.0 and higher differentiates between material-independent and material -dependent ORs. Material-dependent ORs (ORs assigned to a specific material) have a higher priority within SVT OR and can override the specified material-independent OR. The SVT functionality can assign one material-independent representative for each vendor only.

If an OR assignment for the respective vendor already exists, the existing OR assignment is overwritten in the SVT OR table. Otherwise, the new OR assignment is created.

Regardless of whether an existing OR assignment is overwritten or created, the validity is set from the current year for an unlimited period of time.


The SVT OR function does not differentiate between different purchasing organizations. This means that OR assignments for the same vendor, but different purchasing organizations result in multiple OR assignments. You can use transaction CBRC01 to check and, if needed, change OR assignments in SVT OR.


You can select the following options if you run the report in interactive mode:

  • Target release
The conversion process and the check are started by specifying a target release starting with 200 only.
  • Check only
If you select this checkbox, the report checks both conversion steps if a conversion is required, but it does not write converted data to the database. All additional checks (such as skipped clients due to a missing OR partner function, or multiple representatives assigned to one vendor) are also executed.
If data for the respective step needs to be converted, an error is output. This enables you to check whether the conversion process has completed properly without influencing the database content.
  • Show conversion details
If you select this checkbox, the report outputs conversion details about the determined priority for the OR partner functions in Customizing and the representative assignments that are to be changed or created. Furthermore, selecting this checkbox outputs the representatives that are not taken over into the SVT OR table.


If the conversion process was already completed properly and you changed your data since it was completed, do not run this report in interactive mode and choose to write conversion data to the database.

Standard Variants


If the report is run as XPRA, converted data is written to the database and no conversion details are output. All conversion steps must be finished without errors to complete the conversion process properly. If warnings are output (for example, skipped client due to missing OR partner function), you must decide if you want to re-execute the conversion process to ensure that it is completed properly.

If the report is run again after it was already run as XPRA, for example, in interactive mode, existing data is checked for differences. If there are differences, the existing data is overwritten.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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