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/TMWFLOW/RMO_SLM_CA2 - Software Lifecycle Manager Configuration Assistant

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The Software Lifecycle Manager (SLM) Configuration Assistant could configure one specified SLM.


There are three tabs - Mandatory Settings, Optional Settings, and Check Result Display;

In order to use the SLM, all data in Mandatory Settings must be provided.

Mandatory Settings:

  • Software Lifecycle Manager
  • User: the user to logon to the SLM;

  • Communication Model: Determines how Software Logistics Controller (SLC) will read configuration values. "SessionPassword" if there are remote SLCs. In order to deploy managed systems, SLM needs this mode; "ConfigManager" if there is only one SLC on the same host as the SLM;

  • System Name: The name of the system component which is registered in Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY) and represents the SLM system.

  • Mail Recipient
  • SMTP Server

  • Sender Address: used by the SLM to send email;

  • Receiver Address: used by the SLM to receive email;

  • Software Logistics Controller
  • The SLC is in central system, where SLM was installed. The SLM will communicate with it to download the support packages from the Service Marketplace;

  • SLCs are in managed systems. SLM will communicate with them to deploy the support packages in these managed systems.

  • You shall create a SLC entry for the central system;

  • You then need to create SLC entries for the managed systems, which would be deployed by SLM.

Optional Settings:

  • A port is used by SLC for communication. When the port is occupied by other applications, create a new one for a host, otherwise, keep it as default.

Check Result Display:

  • Display the SLM check result.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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