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After logging on to your ABAP system in the original language, you have triggered the conversion of your content using transaction /UI2/CDM_CONVERT. If you have not installed all languages in the system from which you trigger the conversion, you trigger the report /UI2/CDM_CONVERT_LANG from the production system where all languages are installed. This ensures that translated texts are also stored in the layered repository and do not have to be translated again.





Standard Variants



  1. In the Selectionsection, define which content should be converted:
  • Select Complete to convert all content in the current system (client-independent).
  • Enter a software component to convert only the content assigned to the selected software component.
  • Enter a role to convert only content assigned to the selected role.
  • Enter a catalog to convert only content referenced by the selected catalog. If you enter a technical catalog, only its referenced objects are converted. If you enter a business catalog, the catalog and its referenced objects are converted.
  1. In the Execution Mode section, define in which mode the conversion should be executed:
  • Test Mode: The content is converted but the conversion data is not persisted. No data is deleted.
  • Detail Log: A detailed log is displayed indicating which content was converted and, if applicable, why content was not converted.
  • Delta Mode: Only converts content if there are changes since the last execution of the conversion report.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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