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This report converts content integrated in the SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform to the common data model and exports it from the ABAP system to a local file system.



If you want to convert custom tile types, you have to create a BAdI implementation for the BAdI /UI2/BADI_CDM_EXPORT_DESC.



Standard Variants



  1. In the Selectionsection, define which content should be converted:
  • Select Complete to convert all content in the current system (client-independent).
  • Enter a software component to convert only the content assigned to the selected software component.
  • Enter a role to convert only content assigned to the selected role.
  • Enter a catalog to convert only content referenced by the selected catalog. If you enter a technical catalog, only its referenced objects are converted. If you enter a business catalog, the catalog and its referenced objects are converted.
  1. Under File Name, specify a name which should be used to save the conversion data on your local file system.
  2. In the Execution Mode section, define in which mode the conversion should be executed:
  • Test Mode: The content is converted but the conversion data is not persisted. No data is deleted.
  • Detail Log: A detailed log is displayed indicating which content was converted and, if applicable, why content was not converted.
  • Change Mode: An application descriptor variant (reference to application descriptor + changes) is created. If this option is not selected, a full application descriptor is created.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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