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/UI2/CDM_GET_APPDES_REMOTE - Replicate Backend Catalog from a Remote System

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With SAP S/4HANA, a set of Web Dynpro ABAP applications and SAP GUI transactions is available in the back-end system as standard content in predefined technical catalogs. To consume this content in the SAP Fiori launchpad, you replicate the technical catalogs to the front-end system.

This report allows you to replicate the subset of technical catalogs which is referenced by the specified business catalog/s.

To replicate all technical catalogs for all system aliases maintained in views /UI2/V_SYSALIAS or /UI2/VC_SYSALIAS, you use transaction/UI2/APPDESC_GET_ALL.

For more information, go to, select a release and choose Product Documentation --> UI Technology Guide --> Web Dynpro Apps and SAP GUI for HTML Apps.



  • If the launchpad content that you want to replicate resides on a different system than the front-end server and SAP Gateway:
  • Connections between back-end and front-end systems have been established. See Establish RFC and HTTP Connection.In a single system scenario, this configuration is not required. The replication will use the local system as source.
  • (Optional) A mapping in view /UI2/V_ALIASMAP exists for all technical catalogs in the backend.

The system alias lookup uses the same mechanism as the Fiori runtime. It checks if a corresponding mapping in an SM59 RFC destination with corresponding name or _RFC is maintained or a corresponding alias mapping is maintained in /UI2/V_ALIASMAP.

The actual replication copies from a client-independent repository to a client-independent target (configuration layer).
The system lookup executed will respect client-dependent entries in /UI2/V_ALIASMAP. Therefore, make sure you execute the replication report consistently from one client (or map all used system aliases identically in each client).

The business catalog is read from the customizing layer.

The replication is always done on catalog granularity. Which specific target mappings (TMs) or tiles (TILEs) are referenced in the business catalog is not relevant.



Standard Variants



1.,,(Optional) In the Business Catalog ID field, enter the ID of one or more business catalogs which were defined in the SAP Fiori launchpad designer and refer to technical catalogs defined in a remote system. Only the catalogs which are needed by the selected catalogs are extracted from the remote system. If you leave this field blank, all technical catalogs referenced by any business catalog available in this system will be replicated.

2.,,Mark the Test Mode checkbox and choose Execute. The catalogs will not be replicated. A log is displayed.

3.,,If the log does not contain any errors, deselect theTest Mode checkbox and choose Execute.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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