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/UI2/DPS_MONITOR - Deployment Monitor program.

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In the Deployment Monitor, you can see whether deployments of SAP Fiori launchpad content have succeeded, and get detailed information about each deployment.




The Deployment Monitor has the following screen areas:

Current Deployment

Displays the status of the deployment that is currently running. If no deployment is currently running, the status of the last deployment is shown.

While a deployment is running, you cannot start another deployment in parallel. In case a deployment was aborted without resetting the run state, you can reset the run state manually by clicking @2W@ (Reset Run State). Use this function carefully, as creating multiple packages in parallel might cause data inconsistencies.

Last Deployments

In the Show deployments since dropdown list, select the time period that interests you.

Each deployment has one of the following statuses:

SUCCESS:A deployment package has been built.
ISSUES:A deployment package has been built, but serious issues have been found. For example, the content might be inconsistent, or the texts for a language might be missing. We strongly recommend that you look into the detailed log.
FAILED:A deployment package could not be built.

Click on an entry once to display details for a deployment in the Deployment Details area.

Double-click on an entry to display the application log for a deployment.

Deployment Details

Displays detailed information about the selected deployment, including the number of deployed objects.


Displays the total number of deployments, successful deployments and failed deployments in the selected time period.

Click on the pushbuttons to filter the list of last deployments.


Standard Variants




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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