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/UI2/DPS_RAG_DEPLOY_BATCH - Schedulable program for deployment in batch

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This program fetches the SAP Fiori launchpad design-time content, optimizes it for the runtime, generates a package and deploys it to the runtime agent repository. It is meant to be scheduled for deployment in batch.




  • Target repository: Allows you to specify a name for the repository where to deploy the runtime content.
  • Enforce deployment: In inactive, the system only starts a deployment if a "dirty" flag indicates that content has been changed. If active, the system ignores this flag and starts a deployment in any case.
  • Delete old version: If inactive, the content in the target repository is overwritten but not deleted. Some old artifacts might remain in the repository. If active, any old content in the target repository is deleted before the new content is deployed.
  • Site ID: The ID of a site template from where to take the site settings.
  • Role Filter: You can specifiy roles for which you want to deploy the content. If you do not specify any roles, the content for all roles in the system is deployed.
  • Language Filter: You can specify the languages that you want to deploy. If you do not specify any languages, all languages active in the system are deployed.


Standard Variants



You can view the status of deployments in the Deployment Monitor. To launch the Deployment Monitor, execute the program /UI2/DPS_MONITOR.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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