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/UI2/FLIA - Fiori Launchpad Intent resolution analyis

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The report transaction /UI2/FLIA allows administrators to identify assigned target mapping CHIPs and their catalog and role assignment for a given user.

After specifying intent (semantic object and action) with parameter signature and form factor (Phone, Desktop, Tablet) restrictions, the report lists relevant target mappings and their association with catalogs and PFCG-roles.





G_INTENT: SemanticObject-Action as a string, case sensitive.
Example: "PurchaseOrder-display".

Note: for semantic object and action: ABAP Wildcards are allowed (* and +). Example: "*Order-*".
to select target mappings with '*' use the escape character '/' ( /*-* select target mappings with '*' ).

The intent may also contain a parameter list:
Example: "PurchaseOrderItem-display?POID=047333&ItemID=1234"

G_FF : Form factor, one of 'Desktop', 'Tablet', 'Phone'.

G_UNAME: User for which the selection is performed. If G_ASSIGN = 'X', only catalogs contained in roles assigned to the user are considered.

If G_ASSIGN is set to false, the output column ASSIGNED indicates whether the role is assigned to the user.

G_ASSIGN: Whether selection is to be restricted to assigned roles of the user.

G_SIGNAT: Whether filtering by signature is intended ( relevant for target mappings which only accept a specific signature), if unchecked, a signature restriction is ignored when listing matching target mappings.

Additional Filters:

G_CATALOG : Select option restricting result by technical catalog id (without 'X-SAP-UI2-CATALOGPAGE:' prefix).

G_PACKAGE: Select option for package assignement of the catalog.

Adaptation Layer: Configuration: Only Configuration layer target mappings are considered.
Customization: Configuration layer and Customization layer mappings are considered.

Standard Variants


An ALV Table, containing at least one line per (role, catalog, target mapping(chip-id))-tuple.

If a target mapping is erroneous, additional rows may appear with the column 'Message' indicating an appropriate error. These errors can also be detected using transaction /UI2/FLC.

The green column indicates relevant matching target mappings assigned to the user which have no error message.

Suitable filtering on the columns allows to further determine which ( intent, form factor ) tuple does not match a defined target mapping.

Note: it is often advised to filter with a more relaxed selection (e.g. no form factor, parameters) to identify near misses.

Description of selected column content:

Status: Green indicates a line has no error and target mapping is assigned a PFCG Role of the user, red indicates an error, yellow indicates a warning and grey indicates an info message.

Semantic Object: Name of Semantic Object in Target mapping.

Action: Name of action in target mapping:

PFCG Role: PFCG Role the catalog is assigned to.

PFCG Role assigned. If "Username" is supplied and "Assigned only" is set to false, whether the PFCG Role is assigned to this user.

ID of a Catalog: Technical ID of a Launchpad tile catalog, (prefix + Catalog title).

Catalog Title: Language dependent title of the catalog

Chip ID: Technical ID of the CHIP containing the target mapping

Chip Title: (Always 'Target mapping').

Desktop, Tablet, Phone: Form Factor, X indicates the target mapping is active for this form factor.

Package: An assigned development class, '' if a pure customizing object.


Launchpad: LPD_CUST Role

Launchpad Instance: LPD_CUST Instance

Launchpad Application Type: e.g. URL

Launchpad Application: TA Code for transactions, path to component.js for Fiori UI5 Application.

Launchpad Alias: String referenced in Target mapping

Launchpad Additional Information: Contains the UI5 component name in case of a UI5 Application.

Launchpad Business Parameter: not filled.

Mapping Signature: A restrictive target mapping signature defined in the target mapping.

Message: INFO if a detailed line, otherwise a statically detectable configuration error message.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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