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/UI2/GET_APP_DESCR_REMOTE - Replicate Backend Catalog from a Remote System

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This Report (Transaction /UI2/APPDESCR_GET replicates Backend Catalogs from a Suite System.

While /UI2/GET_APP_DESCR_REMOTE_ALL (Transaction /UI2/APPDESC_GET_ALL) replicates all backend catalogs for all system aliases maintained in /UI2/C_SYSALIAS or /UI2/SYSTEMALIAS, this report allows to replicate the subset of catalogs referenced by the specified set of Business catalogs.



The backend system alias referenced in the Business Catalog reference has been maintained in

/UI2/C_SYSALIAS or /UI2/SYSALIAS as a Backend Catalog

Single System installation:

If it is a single system installation, where the Suite and S4 Content is in the same system as Frontend Server and Gateway:

No system alias is maintained in /UI2/V_ALIASMAP or SM59. (Then the replication will use the Local system as source.

Gateway and Frontend server on distinct servers:

If the replication source is a distinct server, the alias must be resolved to an RFC destination.
System alias lookup uses the same mechanism the Fiori Runtime uses, respecting a corresponding mapping in

Either an SM59 RFC destination with corresponding name or _RFC is maintained or a corresponding Aliases mapping is maintained in /UI2/V_ALIASMAP.


The actual replication copies from a client-neutral repository into a client-neutral target (CONF-Layer (!)).
The system lookup executed will respect client-specific(!) entries in /UI2/V_ALIASMAP.
Thus take specific care to execute the replication consistently from one client (or map all used System aliases *identical* in each client).

Note that the Business Catalog is read from CUST layer.

Note: Replication is always on Catalog granularity. Which specific Target Mappings (TMs) or Tiles (TILEs) are referenced in the Business catalog is of no importance.



Business Catalog ID: ID of a business catalog (*_BC_*) in SAP Convention which contains references to Backend Catalog (*_TC_*_BE_*, displayed with reference key X-UI2-ADCAT:*_TC_*_BE_* in Fiori Launchpad Designer (FLPD) or support tools ).

Standard Variants


Log of replication.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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