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/UI2/INVALIDATE_GLOBAL_CACHES - Global Cache Invalidation

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The report invalidates all server-side caches in SAP NetWeaver user interface services. Caches are always invalidated for all users, but with a different scope with regard to the client. The following caches are invalidated:

1. UI2 Cache: Stores entities and entity sets requested. Scope: All clients.

2. UI2 NWBC Nav. Tree Cache: Stores navigation data. Scope: Current client only.

3. Shared memory for UI2 Web Dynpro Component Configuration. Scope: All clients.

4. Shared memory for target mapping index. Scope: All clients.

5. UI2 Web Dynpro Catalog Cache. Scope: Configuration and Customizing.

7. UI2 CHIP Cache. Scope: All clients.


You can run the report using transaction code /UI2/INVAL_CACHES.


Administration authorization is required to run this report.


You can run the report in the test and the execution mode.

Test Mode

If you run the report in test mode, only a list of the caches to be invalidated is displayed. No invalidation takes place.

Execution Mode

If you run the report in execution mode, all relevant caches are invalidated.


After running the report, a list of the affected caches is displayed. To navigate to the application log, double-click a line in the list.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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