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/UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE - Calculation of SAPUI5 Application Index

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You use this report to calculate the SAPUI5 application index. The report has to be executed in every system whenever the content of the SAPUI5 ABAP repository has changed. For more information whether the report is executed automatically or you have to run it manually, search for SAPUI5 Application Index in the documentation for your SAP NetWeaver version on the SAP Help Portal at

The application index contains cache busting information on the level of single and multiple application resources. It also contains certain properties or attributes (for example, component ID, used library, or dependencies) stored in the descriptor for apps, components, and libraries. You can also use this report to directly display index-related application logs which are persisted in the main client of the system (application log object /UI5/APPIDX; logs are created for the sub-objects GENERAL, UI5COMP, and UI5REP).



Using the following tabs, you can specify the basis for the calculation of the application index:

  • Complete Index
The following modes are available:
  • Calculation for those repositories and the distribution layer for which either the expiration period you specified (in hours and minutes) has expired or where a transport changed the content of the repositories and distribution layer since the last update. Further optimizations reduce the system load to a minimum. This is the default mode with an expiration period of 24 hours.It's also active when you use the provided variant SAP&DELTA.
    We recommend this mode for scheduling the report for periodic execution.

  • Full calculation of all SAPUI5 repositories and the distribution layer regardless of any expiration dates. No optimizations are used, so that a full update is ensured - at the cost of higher system load. This mode is active when you use the provided variant SAP&ALL.
    We recommend to use this mode only for special cases (and not for scheduling the report for periodic execution), for example after implementing an SAP Note or after manual changes requiring a full update of all SAPUI5 repositories. If only a single repository is affected, we recommend to use the Single SAPUI5 Repository Only mode.

  • Single SAPUI5 Repository Only
  • SAPUI5 Distribution Layer Only


Choose a tab, make the selections and entries as applicable, and execute the report.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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