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/UI5/UPD_ODATA_METADATA_CACHE - Update Caching of OData Metadata

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To ensure fast loading times for SAP Fiori apps started from the launchpad, OData metadata (metadata and annotations documents) of SAP Fiori apps is cached on the web browser. The SAP Fiori front-end server manages and persists cache buster tokens to cache OData metadata. During the startup of the launchpad, the tokens are provided to the client to use the correct representation from the underlying web caches.

Note: To ensure the cache buster tokens are up-to-date, you have to execute report /UI5/UPD_ODATA_METADATA_CACHE periodically. We recommend an hourly execution interval.

Note: Automatic metadata caching is disabled in S/4 Cloud Development systems!

This report contacts the different OData providers, retrieves the cache buster tokens for OData services of connected back-end systems and updates the tokens if required. The tokens expire after the validity period you specified.

For more information, search for Cache Buster for OData Metadata of SAP Fiori Appsin the documentation for your SAP NetWeaver version on the SAP Help Portal at



Report /UI5/UPD_ODATA_METADATA_CACHE is executed by a technical user in SAP Gateway hub and in the backend. This user needs the following authorization in the front-end server as well as in every connected backend:

  • SAP Gateway hub: authorization object /IWFND/ADM= Display (3)
  • Backend: authorization object /IWBEP/ADM = Display (3)

Bear in mind that this user has also to be used for login to a remote gateway.

Furthermore, you have to activate ICF node /sap/opu/utils/iwfnd/bct/GetBackendContextTokens using transaction SICF in the remote gateway.

For more information, search for Roles in the SAP Gateway Landscape in the documentation for SAP NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP 7.52 on the SAP Help Portal at



Standard Variants



Specify the validity period for the cache buster tokens and execute the report.

In the two logs the report is providing you can check which OData providers were contacted and whether a cache invalidation took place. The logs are referring to the client that the report is running in. If you want to see the logs for all clients, you can execute report /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE (Calculation of SAPUI5 Application Index) and choose Display All Logs.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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