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/UIF/CHECK_LOAD_4_CONSISTENCY - Check load for consistency (support only)

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Checks the consistency of the load entries for the selected files. Offers the possibility to repair inconsistent load entries. Possible load inconsistencies are

  • load entry missing for file

  • load entry of file is out-of-date

  • there is a load entry for which there is no base file (dangling load)

  • there is a load entry for a file which is of a type which is not load-enabled



To be part of the check a file needs to be of a type which is load-enabled.



The selection screen has the selection parameters 'Namespace', 'Name' and 'Type'. Providing information in these parameters limits the selection of files checked for load inconsistency. You can search for a pattern using the wildcard character '*'. If you do not provide any value here all files relevant for the load are checked. If you check 'Request load regeneration' all load-enabled files for the current selection are listed (and not only the ones having an inconsistent load). This way you can regenerate the load of all selected load-enabled files (by pressing F8).

Standard Variants


List of files that are inconsistent with respect to their load. You can regenerate these files by pressing F8. It is not possible to select single files for load regeneration.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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