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/UIF/CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG - Check load for consistency (support only)

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Report is used in batch jobs and performs the following tasks on files of the layered repository (LRep)

  • checks files for provider version consistency

  • for files for which the provider version differs from the provider version in the filetype registration the service provider method /UIF/IF_LREP_SERVICE_PROVIDER->WRITE_CONTENT is reapplied and the file is updated. If the file is load-enabled or affects an LRep load this load is regenerated

  • checks load in client for consistency and triggers regeneration of inconsistent entries

Possible LRep load inconsistencies are

  • load entry missing for file

  • load entry of file is out-of-date

  • there is a load entry for which there is no base file (dangling load)

  • there is a load entry for a file which is of a type which is not load-enabled

The LRep load of a file persists the effects of all changes recorded for the file on the file to facilitate fast runtime reading (that means during runtime reading the changes need not to be applied again as the load is accessed which already contains the effects of all changes on the file). As the changes recorded for a file can differ from client to client the load itself is client-dependent which means that the job must run in each client.


The following batch jobs are executing this report

  • job APS_UI_CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG - when the S4 job repository is active (S4/Hana Cloud) this job is scheduled for periodic execution (period: 1 hour)

  • job /UIF/CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG - there is a task list /UIF/SCHEDULE_LREP_JOB that contains a task /UIF/STCT_SCHED_JOB_LREP_CO which tells the user to create a periodic background job for report /UIF/CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG (period: 1 hour). This job has the name /UIF/CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG. This job is not created automatically (as in the case of the S/4 Job Repository) but must be created manually by an administrator (somebody who use the authorities to release a job)

  • job /UIF/LREP_LOAD_CONSISTENCY_CHECK - there is a client-dependent shared-memory area /UIF/CL_LREP_LD_CK_AREA. The shared-memory area instance automatically expires after 60 minutes. Expiration triggers automatic regeneration of the shared-memory area instance via the builder class method /UIF/CL_LREP_LD_CK_SHM_BUILDER=>IF_SHM_BUILD_INSTANCE~BUILD which will not only create a new shared-memory area instance but will also schedule report /UIF/CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG for immediate execution in the background as job /UIF/LREP_LOAD_CONSISTENCY_CHECK. The shared-memory instance can also be invalidated programmatically. This mechanism is used during replication of the app index (job /UI5/APP_INDEX_CALCULATE) to trigger regeneration of the LRep load. This way it is ensured that immediately after app index calculation the correct load is available without having to wait for execution of jobs APS_UI_CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG or /UIF/CHECK_LOAD_4_CONS_BG. Latter jobs will take care of load regeneration for file updates which have been imported into the system by a transport




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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