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/UIF/GET_FILES_4_NS - List repository files (support only)

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This report retrieves and displays files in the layered repository according to your selection. Files of layer type USER are displayed for all users - not only those created for your logon user. if a file has a load entry it is displayed in addition.





In the fields 'Namespace' and 'Name' you can specify the file's namespace and name for which files shall be listed. In the fields 'Created at', 'Last changed at' and 'Last accessed at' you can specify timestamps of creation, last change and last reading access. The result can be further filtered by specifying the type of the file in field 'Type' and/or by checking/unchecking the layer types for which files shall be listed. You can search for a pattern using the wildcard character '*'. If you do not specify anything all files of the layered respository are returned.

Standard Variants


On the list display all information stored in the content database tables for the found files is displayed with the exception of the file content. To display the file content of an entry you can select the entry and press the icon 'Displays content of file' or SHIFT+F4. To display all texts extracted for the file you can to select the entry and press the icon 'Displays text of file' or press SHIFT+F2. To display all references (external- and internal references for a file press the icon 'Displays references of file' or press SHIFT+F5.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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