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/UIF/REPAIR_SMART_LINKS - Check and repair smart links (support only)

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This report has the task to find all inconsistent smart link change files and offers the possibility to repair the inconsistency. Change files are considered corrupt when they have a selector section which follows this pattern


After repair the selector section shall look this way






,,There are selection parameters for the files namespace and name. If no value is provided in these selection parameters all change files in the layered repository are searched for corrupt changes. Specifying a value in the namespace and/or the name selection parameter limits the set of change files checked to all files having the specified namespace and/or name. Wildcards can be used in both selection parameters.

Standard Variants


List of all corrupt change files for the current selection. You can repair the listed change files by pressing F8. In addition, you can display the file content of a listed file by selecting the line and pressing SHIFT+F4.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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