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/VIRSA/ZVRAT_S04 - Build SOD Object Level Rules from SOD TCodes & Auth. Objects

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Build SOD Object Level Rules from SOD TCodes & Auth. Objects


This program creates a SOD Object level data in the format needed for Compliance Calibrator upload. It uses up to 7 characters from the TCODE data and remaining numeric serial numbers to generate the Group ID of 8 characters for each conflict.

Following requirements must be met to run this program successfully and generate the correct output.

1) The input files should be tab delimited text files

2) The files should not have a header row.

3) Only first 132 characters are used from the Risk Description field of the TCODE file, which is used for the Risk description field in Compliance Calibrator Critical Authorization table.

4) Remove any unnecessary comments from files.

5) The fields of TCODE data are:






SOD Group ID (Up to 7 Char.)

Process Area (2 Char.)

Text (132 Char.)

Risk Level (0 - Medium, 1- High, 2 - Low)

Status (0 - Active, 1 - Not Active)

6) The fields of Object data are:


Process Area (2 Char.)





Field for OR (Relationship between lines of a Tcode/Object/Field, default is AND)

Field for Object OR (Relationship between sets of lines of Objects of a Tcode, default is AND)

Status (0 - Active, 1 - Not Active)

7) The length of SOD Id field in the TCODE input file could be up to 7 characters long. The output file would contain a total of 8 characters, the last character being numeric serial number generated.

8) The records processed from the TCODE file can be limited by entering suitable values in the SOD Group Id of the Selection Screen.

9) If there is an overflow of these serial numbers, a warning message is printed at the end of the run.

10) For a Tcode, if there are multiple lines of Object/Field, these lines could be related either by 'OR' or "AND' or 'NOT'. Default is 'AND'.

11) Any sets of 'OR' could be present in the output SOD Object Level data in a Group/Object/Field, but only one set of 'AND' or 'NOT' is allowed in one SOD Group in a Group/Object/Field.

12) If there are multiple sets of 'AND' or 'NOT'' in the input SOD Object data for a Tcode/Object/Field, these are split up into multiple SOD Groups in the output file.

13) If a Tcode has different sets of Objects, fields and values based on the process areas, these should be related by Process Area in both TCODE file and SOD Object data.

If there is 'OR' in the Field for Object OR, one SOD group is generated for each set of Object lines of a Tcode.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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