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/VSO/P_RLVSDR40_PDF - Trigger Printing of Transfer Order

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This report (RLVSDR40) is triggered when transfer orders are created. You can also call it directly using the Transfer Order -> Print transaction.

If you only specify the warehouse number and transfer order number when you start the report, the program calls the required control data from the print control tables in Customizing. You can also carry out an analysis of the print control tables in Customizing.

If a manual reprint is made, the system copies the print code, printer, and spool indicator from the screen entries (if specified).

If you want the document selection to be taken from the screen entries and not based on the Customizing settings, select the 'Print Documents as Selected' switch.


See the Implementation Guide for the required Customizing settings.


The program is a new feature for Release 4.0. For a detailed description, see the Release Note on printing in WM.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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