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/XLSO/CREATE_EVOUCHER - E-Voucher Creation

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You use this report to generate unique e-voucher user ID (UUID). The system updates the e-voucher details in the database table and sends an e-mail notification. If the e-voucher is created for a:

  • B2B learner, the system sends e-mail notifications to all company administrators of that company, learning manager for that learner and the learner
  • B2C learner, the system sends an e-mail notification to the learner with the e-voucher details



You must have the authorizations of an operations employee (OE).



You can create an e-voucher for the user or the company by providing the following details:

  • E-voucher Type: Value or percentage or buy one get one (Mandatory entry)
  • Validity Period: Valid From to Valid To of the e-voucher
  • User: Learner if the e-voucher is for the learner
  • Company: Company ID if the e-voucher is created for a company
  • E-voucher Count: Total number of e-vouchers
  • Training Product: List of courses selected

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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