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This report program is used to maintain learner profile for on-behalf scenarios. It includes tasks to assign user role, to reset password for the learner, and to deactivate or activate the learner profile.





When the operations employee (OE) starts 'maintain user data Learner Profile', the system shall display a search help to find the learner by using the following parameters:

  • Company
  • Country
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Customer Number
  • Alias
  • Department
  • Role(Learner, LM, CA)
  • Status(Active, open company assignment (Requested), Inactive)
  • Learning Managerassigned (Name, ID)

Standard Variants


Based on inputs entered by the OE, the system returns a list of learners. From this list of learners, the OE can select a learner profile and perform various tasks.


To maintain a learner profile:

  1. Select the learner whose profile you want to maintain.
  2. Choose Maintain.
The system displays the learner profile in maintenance mode.
  1. Make the required changes.
  2. Choose Save.
The profile is saved and a confirmation message is displayed.

To assign a user role to a learner:

  1. Select one or more learners.
  2. Choose Assign Role.
An option to select a role from a list is displayed.
  1. Select the role you want to assign to the selected users.
The system shows the details of learner's old role and the new role and asks for confirmation.
  1. Confirm the selection to save the new role.

Reset Learner Profile

When the OE wants to change the password for a user or reset the password in case the learner forgot the password, the OE logs in to the system and chooses the Reset Learner Profile button on the ALV display.

The system displays a list of learners where the OE can select one or more users and choose Reset Password. The system generates a new password for each selected learner, replaces the old password, and sends an email to the learner notifying about the change in password.

Deactivate Learner Profile (On Behalf)

When the OE wants to deactivate a learner profile on behalf of the learner, the OE logs in to the system, selects a list of learners with a selection criteria, then selects one or more learners to deactivate, and chooses Deactivate.

The following validations are performed during this functionality:

  • Checks validity date and whether the profile is already deactivated.
  • Asks for confirmation.
  • Deactivates the profile and shows a success message.
  • Sends a notification email to the selected email address of the learner with a deactivation notification.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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