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/XLSO/MANAGE_COMMUNITY - Manage Rating and Comments

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This report allows the Operations Employee

(OE) to manage the community content in the SAP ERP system.





When the OE opens the community management tool, the system displays the following options:

  • Set Facilitation Rule

It sets facilitation rule per course or group. It can be either automatic or manual. In case of automatic, all comments are displayed directly after posting; in case of manual, OE needs to approve each comment.

  • Facilitate Comments

The OE can approve, reject or keep comments in pending status.

  • Show All Comments and Ratings

The system displays all the comments for the particular course type, irrespective of the status.

The OE can also view No. of Ratings, Sum of Ratings, Avg. of ratings, Status and so on. The OE can change comments in pending status to Approved or Rejected.

Standard Variants


If the OE selects Facilitate Comments, the system displays a selection option with an input field for the object ID. System lists all existing comments to the source object with following results attributes:

o,,Object Title

o,,Object Type

o,,Object ID


o,,Flag to control the visibility of the comment - approve, reject or pending

If OE selects the Show All Comments and Ratings, the system displays a selection option with an input field for the object ID and a date selection.

Ratings, average ratings and comments are grouped per course and displayed.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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