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/XLSO/NEW_COURSE_REQUESTS - Display New Course Requests by Learners

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This report allows Operations Employees (OE) to see all course requests bylearners. The OE can filter the course requests on status, timeframe, language, location, and keywords. OE can answer to the new course request with a message.



Learners request a new course in the external learning portal, which is currently not offered in the course catalog. e.g. by offering a link “Not found what you were looking for?”

When the learner saves his request, the system saves the same in the status New on the database, and sends a notification to a defined OE that the new course request exists.



Status - Search by status (Mandatory)

Timeframe - Course request timeframe

Language - New course request language

Location - Location where the training is conducted

Keywords - Keyword search

Standard Variants


When the OE has answered the system will perform the following steps:

  • Send a notification to the learner that the request has been answered.
  • Change the status of the request and display the status and the message in the external learning portal to the learner.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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