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/BKC/SOL21_ANON - Clone&Test! - Maintenance of anonymization sets

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Maintenance of the anonymization sets for the PA copy program


In order to anonymize master and/or cluster data, varying values or rules can be defined.

In the first step, ALL tables and fields that can be anonymized, are defined. Each record contains the country group (MOLGA), table and field. If no country group is given, the record is assumed to be valid for all countries. In addition, for each field the anonymization by an external routine can be granted. The field 'Table' can not only contain existing table in the database but symbolic names, too, to describe tables contained in clusters. Please read the documentation for the field Table!

In the next step, the 'anonymization sets' are created. In every set different values and rules can be assigned to the fields defined in step 1.

A valid draft for building an own set is given in the set BKC-EXAMPLE. This set should neither be changed nor deleted. We recommend to copy this example and modify the copy only.

Please read the documentation of the field Anonymization value for more details about the possible entries.

A special case is the replacement of the original value by the contents of a field, which is defined in the common header of all infotypes (structures PAKEY and PSHD1). This can be used to create an unique entry for some fields in the target system.

A good example for this method is the transfer of the personnel number into the field 'Time recording ID number' in infotype 50, which always must be unique.

To initiate the transfer of a header field, an entry in the according column must be made.

The deletion of the original value of a field through the anonymization or a link to an external routine for the anonymization can simply be triggered by activating the according check boxes.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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