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/CEECV/BTLO_RMIMST00 - INTRASTAT: Data Selection: Arrivals - Lithuania

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Program for the determination of the invoice value for Intrastat declarations.

With this program, the goods receipts against a purchase order are broken down according to posting date into the following three periods:

Goods receipts in

  • the month of the declaration,
  • the previous month, and
  • the month before last.

The invoices received in respect of a purchase order are also broken down into three periods, on the basis of their assignment to the GR figures.

If the GR quantity of the previous period is smaller than the invoiced quantity, the quantity reported is the GR quantity. If the GR quantity is greater than the invoiced quantity, the quantity reported is the invoiced quantity.

This means that any open IR or GR quantities from the previous month must be taken into account for the period of the declaration. If no corresponding GR or IR takes place for the relevant quantity in the following month, this quantity is valuated with the average price determined from the PO history.

DOCU for selection parameters:

Numeric country key
Input 'X' --> conversion of country key to numeric.
Input ' ' --> conversion of country key to alpha.
Supplying vendor (actual supplier of goods)
Input 'X' --> if the supplying vendor is specified in the PO, this vendor will be taken into account in the Intrastat declaration.
Only log list (test run)
Input 'X' --> the file VEIAV is not written to; only a log of the test run is outputted.
Material number (Statistical Office)
Material number notified by Statistical Office after the test data carrier has been sent in.

Import-relevant data in the purchase order

In the purchase order header:

Mode of transport
Mode of transport via which the good enter the fiscal territory.
Office of exit
Key for the frontier customs office of exit at which the goods are loaded onto the means of transport used at the time of crossing the border.

In the purchase order item:

Commodity code
8-character commodity code of the 'combined nomenclature'.
Country of origin
3-character key for the country in which the goods have been completely derived or manufactured.
Region of destination
2-character key for the federal state in which the imported goods are to remain.
Import procedure
Procedure by which the goods are reported to Intrastat on their arrival/importation.
Nature of transaction
Classification for the type of business transaction.
Value crossing border (statistical value)
Value of the goods at the time they cross the border.
This is understood as the value of the goods excluding tax, including distribution costs incurred in connection with their importation outside the receiving member-state.

Creation of Intrastat declarations

Country-specific editing of Intrastat-relevant data collated by report J_6GFT_RMIMST00.
For Czech republic, the reports are as follows:

Create file version:

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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