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/CPD/R_MPROJ_BUFFRNG_FOR_USERS - Report for buffering date of cross-project view

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This report provides system administrators of Commercial Project Management (CA-CPD) to activate buffering of data that is displayed in the Cross-Project View of Project Workspace (CA-CPD-WS).

The Cross-Project View provides business users with information about KPIs, condition-based alerts, and key dates, which are derived from the related business objects and follow-on documents of a master proejct. Information is derived by retrieving business objects and carrying out performance-intensive calculations.

When buffering is enabled, the system carries out the necessary activities in the background and stores the calculated results in a separate buffer. The system also stores the users of master projects, the categories in which master projects have been saved, and if the user is authorized to view the data. This results in faster information display in the Cross-Project View.


On execution, this report calls report /CPD/R_BG_JOB_TO_BUFF_MPROJS as a batch job to retrieve, calculate, and store information in the buffer tables.




Enter the master project IDs for which you want to buffer data.

Standard Variants


The system buffers relevant data for all the master project IDs entered through the selection screen.


  1. Navigate to transaction SE38 and execute report /CPD/R_MPROJ_BUFFRNG_FOR_USERS.
  2. Enter one or more or a range of master project IDs for buffering.
  3. Choose Execute to run the report and enable buffering.


In a large organization with about 5000 active master projects in SAP Commerical Project Management, only about 200 projects are either frequently accessed or have a large number of related business objects. The sysem administrator can use this report to buffer the data only for the frequently accessed master projects or those with large volumes of data. This will result in better response times because information is retrieven from the buffer rather than the database.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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