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/CWM/R_RMCSBWXP_COM - XPRA for Logistics Extract Structure Changes

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This XPRA carries out the comparison, during a Plug-In upgrade, of new fields delivered by SAP in Logistics extract structures against the fields included by the customer using Logistics Extraction Structures Customizing Cockpit.

Specifically, all new fields included after PI(-A) 2002 are only generated in the extract structures by this XPRA. This means that an error-free execution in the XPRA phase of an upgrade is absolutely essential if the Logistics BW extraction is to function correctly.

It replaces until further notice the application-specific XPRAs that existed for this purpose in accordance with the template RMCSBWXP.

You are not permitted to make application-specific changes to the XPRA. Table TMCEXPRA is available for control on the part of SAP.


As the XPRA run entails ABAP dictionary changes, you must have already processed the entries for the V3 update, the extract queues and set-up tables, or else deleted them. There are detailed SAP Notes for this purpose.


Warnings if there are errors in activation or unmet prerequisites (see above).

In this case, you have to run the XPRA again once you have eliminated the cause or the errors prior to the production start-up (see the long text for the messages in the log and the appropriate SAP Notes).


See the example entries in TMCEXPRA.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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