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Displaying parameter buffers


Executing the report enables you to display a buffer in which all relevant check parameters used for the ATP check of an order item are located in the short-term. The check parameters are removed from the buffer again when the order is updated in SAP APO and are stored together with the order data.

This information is needed for the following business processes:

  • SAP CRM 3.0 can call the rules-based ATP check in SAP APO. As a result of the rules-based ATP check, subitems are created in SAP CRM. If the subitems are changed in SAP CRM 3.0 and a new ATP check takes place, the check parameters from the buffer are required.
  • SAP CRM 3.0 can call product allocation in SAP APO. Product allocation processes the information via product allocation assignment in SAP APO. The product allocation assignment is saved together with the document via the parameter buffers.
  • You can use the check parameters display in the buffer to check which parameters were used for the ATP check of an order item.

There are active and passive parameter buffers. Order items involved in multiple backorder processing, are written as passive parameter buffers. Check parameters of an order item can exist in different parameter buffers. If backorder processing has been updated, the passive parameter buffers become active.





You can call the parameter buffers via the user name, time period and active.

As a result, a list display appears. From there you can select the individual entries and delete them, if necessary.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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